Jolly V. Per
21. Lasallian graduate. Marketing and Advertising major. Extremely funny. Urban whore. Nomad. Spontaneous. Traveler. Extremely random. An ultimate freak. Weirdest of the weird. Life of the party.

It has to be me to be JOLLY.

You don't have to be me to be HAPPY.

May nagpapa-cute as Mendez. #elay

Dahil tinatamad pa akong umalis. Waharhar. #summer #summer2014

13. More (waves and beach this year) please! #fmsphotoaday

12. On my left. (Painting of late Manuel Quezon and a surfboard-wannabe kahoy. Hahaha!) #fmsphotoaday

11. 3 of a kind. (And I am super late in posting pics. Sarey!) #fmsphotoaday

I should have listened when my officemate told me to go home early. There are no busses in the city and EDSA is not accessible anymore, especially Cubao area. Lots and lots of busses drops their passengers in Ayala. Kaya eto, stuck kami. #EhHolidayEh #helloLongWeekend #NoTrafficFor4DaysInManila

10. My fave part of the day. (Afternoon is the best.) #fmsphotoaday #sunset #beach #baler #latepost #summervacation #summer2014

9. Dark. (While waiting for the rest, on our way to Baler) #fmsphotoaday (at Starbucks Pacific Star)

8. Hobby! (Trekking slash walking is my hobby. I so love it.) #fmsphotoaday

Baler, you’ll be missed. ‘Til next time. ☀❤😁👌👍 #quality #summer2014 #surfing #vacation #summervacation #beach #baler (at Diguisit, Baler, Aurora)

We ate Choknat Turon while we watched Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2. Congrats Manny! #PinoyPride #CongratsManny (at Bay-Ler View Hotel Baler Aurora Philippines)

We went to paradise! It is so beautiful I swear you wanted to go back again! However, allergy attacked me and I passed out. I thought I was gonna die! but I fought. When you have faith in God and reasons to live, you’ll fight and never ever think of dying. Big big thanks to those people who cared, Kim (the tourist guide), and to all of my officemates and their friends. God is really good. (at Ditumabo Falls)

Haler Baler! Waves!! BIG Waves! 🏄#summer #vacation #waves #baler #surfing (at Sabang Surfing Beach, BALER)

#Selfie Friday and Im too lazy move my ass out. Baler na Baler na yung katawan ko. Hahaha! #FridaySickness

Sir Mon, our coolest AVP, in his beach-ready-outfit! And we are too lazy to work because our bosses is out of town! Woohoo! #Onfullblastfriday